Divorce & Separation
The word “divorce” can evoke a lot of emotions, most with negative connotations. While the process of divorce is rarely pleasant, for some it’s an opportunity to move forward with their life in a more productive and enjoyable fashion than they even imagined they could. The process of getting there, however, can be difficult, confusing and emotional at times.

No one wants to be confronted with Family Law issues, but if the time comes that you are in needs of legal assistance, it’s important to feel that your lawyer is looking out for your rights. Whether she’s providing full-service legal assistance, Mediation, or Limited Assistance Representation, such as DIY Divorce Coaching and Online Divorce, Attorney Holdsworth strives to provide high quality yet affordable, professional legal services. She’s a zealous advocate for her clients, but balances this with compassion and sensitivity to their needs. Attorney Holdsworth prides herself in her ability to help her clients understand the legal process, each step of the way, and going that extra mile to be an attorney that can be counted upon.

Child Custody and Visitation
Many parents have kept or attempted to keep a marriage together “for the sake of the children.” But sometimes, no matter how loving the intentions, things don’t work out the way they were planned. When a marriage breaks down to the point where divorce is inevitable or in process, the children are at high risk of ending up in the crossfire of domestic stress. As parents contemplate separating from each other, disputes about custody and visitation are almost unavoidable. Even when both parents are devoted to looking out for the “best interest of the children,” they can’t always agree as to what that is. In many instances, parents are able to work through these emotional issues on their own and work out a plan that makes sense, given the circumstances. Other times, mediators can facilitate this process. In the event that agreement can’t be reached, the court will intervene, sometimes with the help of court personnel or a Guardian ad litem. This can be a challenging and confusing time for many parents. Mistakes made during this process can have serious, long-term consequences. If you’re a parent facing divorce, it’s important to be well-informed. Attorney Holdsworth has helped many parents navigate these challenging times with a sincere sensitivity to the needs of both her client and the children.

While Attorney Holdsworth continues to offer full-service legal representation, she is also pleased to offer:

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